Essential Enemy
by Victor Johnson

Hello darkness, my old friend

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Thomas Steiner:

“The days of CRTs are long over. Content consumption and creation has shifted to mobile devices that use backlit LCD or energy-saving AMOLED screens. Smaller and more transportable computers, tablets, and smartphones led to new usage patterns. Leisure tasks like web browsing, coding for fun, and high-end gaming frequently happen after-hours in dim environments. People even enjoy their devices in their beds at night-time. The more people use their devices in the dark, the more the idea of going back to the roots of light-on-dark becomes popular.”

This is a really interesting look at the history of dark mode style interfaces being the original setup of computer systems due to the limitations imposed by CRT monitors and how we have come full circle to using them again but with the reasoning being the needs of accessibilty users and a general preferential taste for the way it looks on newer displays.