Essential Enemy
by Victor Johnson

Migrating a Jekyll theme to GatsbyJS

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Fitrahtur Rahman:

“I love the minimalism of Jekyll’s Noir theme and I want to bring it together. Converting Shopify’s Liquid into React was challenging. I kept the SASS files instead of installing styled-components like I usually do to save time. Then there came a little issue.

Jekyll and GatsbyJS have different parsers. It is a different world. Jekyll uses Kramdown while Gatsby uses remark. There is a significant difference on how it parses syntax highlighting as they have different class names and attributes. So, I did a workaround using gatsby-remark-prismjs. Some required custom styling to replicate Noir as close as possible.”

Wow. This guy was able to convert my Noir theme for Jekyll to GatsbyJS and have it up and running in only two days. Naturally there are a few loose ends but damn I am impressed.