Essential Enemy
by Victor Johnson

The Vault

April 2020

Should you sanitize your groceries?
Ten years of iPad
I updated the light color scheme accent
The O'Brien memos addressing COVID-19
Hardware microphone disconnect in Mac and iPad
Block Island
Reopening the economy is pointless when cities are under siege
Apple lets Amazon Prime Video app offer in-app purchases

March 2020

Dark Sky has a new home
New York was not designed for emptiness
Leaked screenshots of Apple's CarKey feature
Episode 470 of Back to Work
New Jersey now has second-most cases nationwide
New Jersey COVID-19 Dashboard
Hello darkness, my old friend
Pandemic Priorities
Apple directing funds to COVID-19 relief efforts
The Avenue
Spread of the coronavirus emoji
Microsoft announces change to its board of directors
The Verge's review of the Mac Pro
SXSW canceled over COVID-19 concerns

February 2020

Coronavirus impacts Apple's revenue guidance
iPadOS home screen
Inside Mark Zuckerberg's lost notebook
Winter time
MWC canceled due to coronavirus
Taika Waititi on Apple keyboards
Force close an app
The design philosophy of Steve Jobs
Fantastical 3 has been released
Which emoji scissors close

January 2020

I'm releasing my website as a Jekyll theme
Samsung is up to old tricks
Ricky Gervais just roasted Apple and Hollywood
Creating link posts with Jekyll

December 2019

The iPhone 4 debacle
Bourdain Confidential
‘The Surprise’
A desire to write (again)
Really, Wawa?
A thief took Facebook hard drives with payroll data from a worker’s car
Apple TV+ scores its first award nomination with ‘The Morning Show’
Steve Jobs-signed floppy disk sold at auction for crazy high amount
App Store best of 2019